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New Orleans is unlike any other city in the United States. In
fact, some would argue that New Orleans is not a city at all,
but rather it’s own country somehow trapped within the borders of the continental U.S.! (Don’t believe me, check out the Washington Post’s validation).

resident life, Tulane Internal Medicine

As physicians in this great city, we are challenged by diverse disease and pathology, and are rewarded by living in a city rich with history - where live music fills the streets, and gourmet food is found around every corner.

Tulane prides itself on giving its residents time to enjoy many
of the local and national events that occur in the New Orleans
area. In addition to 412 festivals, Jazz Fest and Mardi Gras, New Orleans is home to both the NFL Saints, and the NBA Pelicans… and the program has season tickets for both.

But be prepared… should you find yourself living in the Big Easy, you will constantly have friends and family asking to visit… they’ll be after your couch or extra bedroom as a place to stay during Mardi Gras, Jazz and Heritage festival, or any number of the 412 other festivals that occur throughout the year.

And then there is the Tulane Residency Social Curriculum… a series of events that are sure to keep you balanced as you develop clinical excellence.

resident life, Tulane Internal Medicine

Please select from the categories on the right to learn more about some of the events that occur yearly in New Orleans. While this is just a start, we have attempted to provide a "local's guide" to diving into our city.

And remember, residency is three year’s of your life…. And three “salad years” at that (28 to 31 is not the same as 78 to 81)… Don’t you want to look back on this time in your life and say, “Wow, that was unique!”? It's time you lived the good life! Come be a part of one of the last unique cities in America.

New Orleans

Learn more about our great city of New Orleans...

Mardi Gras

Learn how we celebrate the Carnival Season in New Orleans, including pictures from last year's residency float in the Crewe of Atlas...

Jazz and Heritage Fest

A multi-day festival of international music of all genres that draws people from all over the world...

Festivals & Special Events

There is always something going on in New Orleans - from community fairs to Tulane sponsored events...


The food in New Orleans is second to none, here is our quick dining guide...

Nightlife / Live Music

New Orleans is renown for its nightlife and live music. Here is a quick start quide to living the good life...